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Original Fortnite

Chapter 1 Season 1

Season 1 of Fortnite laid the groundwork for its massive success, with new players experiencing a different gameplay experience. Fortnite has since improved building, allowing builds to go through trees and adding the builder-pro option.

Period: October 25, 2017 - December 13, 2017 Duration: 50 days Theme: Battle Royale New Locations: Anarchy Acres, Dusty Depot, Fatal Fields, Flush Factory, Greasy Grove

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X Marks the Spot

Chapter 1 Season 8

Season 8 of Fortnite featured a pirate's paradise, palm tree-filled battle-pass, and the classic Peely skin. It also introduced a limited-time "the floor is lava" mode, one of Fortnite's best-ever limited modes.

Period: February 28, 2019 - May 8, 2019 Duration: 70 days Theme: Pirate Adventure New Locations: Lazy Lagoon, Sunny Steps, and Volcano

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Zero Point

Chapter 2 Season 5

Epic revamped the fifteenth season of the game with bounty hunter elements, new Star Wars cosmetics, and a return to the "The Floor is Lava" game mode, despite an oversight allowing cheating with jetpacks.

Period: December 2, 2020 - March 15, 2021 Duration: 103 days Theme: Bounty Hunting New Locations: Butter Barn, Colossal Coliseum, Dusty Depot, Flushed Building, Hunter's Haven, Kit's Cantina, Salty Towers, Stealthy Stronghold

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Chapter 4 Season 2

MEGA Season introduced diverse named locations in Fortnite, including Mega City, catering to different play styles. Fans enjoyed fast-paced combat and peaceful locations like hot springs and dojos in Japan.

Period: March 10, 2023 - June 8, 2023 Duration: 90 days Theme: Cyberpunk-inspired New Locations: Mega City, Kenjutsu Crossing, Knotty Nets, Steamy Springs

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Brace of Impact

Chapter 1 Season 4

Fortnite's uniqueness lies in its ability to host crossover events with other franchises, such as Season 4 which introduced Thanos, superhero skins, Battle Pass, and the first-ever in-game event.

Period: May 1, 2018 - July 11, 2018 Duration: 71 days Theme: Superheroes New Locations: Dusty Divot and Risky Reels

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Nexus War

Chapter 2 Season 4

The 14th season of Fortnite introduced Marvel characters, featuring Devourer of Worlds events, superhero skins, and cosmetic items. The game's new locations showcased progress since the first Marvel collaboration in 2018.

Period: August 27, 2020 - December 1, 2020 Duration: 96 days Theme: Marvel New Locations: Ant Manor, Doom's Domain, Helicarrier 64, Panther's Prowl, Sentinel Graveyard, Stark Industries, The Collection, and The Ruins

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Medieval Fortnite

Chapter 1 Season 2

Fortnite's Season 2 update introduced new locations, such as the Chug Jug, Impulse Grenades, and Cozy Campfires, to enhance the game's fun and diversity, making it a more engaging experience.

Period: December 14, 2017 - February 21, 2018 Duration: 69 days Theme: Medieval New Locations: Haunted Hills, Junk Junction, Shifty Shafts, Snobby Shores, and Tilted Towers

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A New Beginning

Chapter 4 Season 1

Chapter 4 Season 1 introduced essential features like mantling, Reality Augments, and POI Capture Points, but the unbalanced Shockwave Hammer was a setback.

Period: December 4, 2022 - March 9, 2023 Duration: 95 days Theme: Oathbound and Medieval New Locations: The Citadel, Breakwater Bay, Anvil Square, Brutal Bastion, Slappy Shores, Lonely Labs, Shattered Slabs, Frenzy Fields, and Faulty Splits

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Peak Fortnite

Chapter 1 Season 3

Season 3 of Fortnite, released in February 2018, is considered the best season to date. It introduced the Battle Pass with 100 tiers, iconic skins, and a balanced gameplay, setting the standard for future seasons. The original John Wick skin was the tier 100 reward.

Period: February 22, 2018 - April 30, 2018 Duration: 68 days Theme: Space Exploration New Locations: Lucky Landing

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The Epic Return of Fortnite OG

Fortnite Season OG

Epic Games has brought back Athena Island, the Chapter 1 island, in Fortnite Season OG, a month after its removal. This nostalgic experience allowed players to experience the game like the old days, breaking player count records for Battle Royale and Save the World. This season will undoubtedly be remembered in Fortnite history.

Period: November 3, 2023 - December 2, 2023 Duration: 30 days Theme: Back in Time New Locations: Chapter 1 map

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