LCK Spring

LCK Spring 2024: Match Schedule, Scores, Participating Teams, Livestream & Additional Details

Despite T1 winning Worlds 2023, claiming LCK’s dominance, it’s essential to acknowledge the LPL’s powerhouse performance the previous year. Teams like BLG, Weibo Gaming, and JDG showcased remarkable strength in 2023, continuing into the 2024 season. Emerging stars like FPX’s MilkyWay add to LPL’s formidable roster. While T1’s victory suggests LCK’s strength, it’s important not to overlook LPL’s significant presence and influence in the global esports scene. Competition in the LCS has risen significantly, with G2 continuing to reign as Europe’s top team. While awaiting MSI, where regions compete, it’s possible for LCS and European teams to challenge the dominance of LCK teams.