Sam Mascarenhas

Most popular hashtags to follow in 2024

It was the August of 2007 when Chris Messina, an avid blogger and a speaker, suggested the use of hashtags for the first time. Despite initial hesitation Twitter picked it up and it became a reality in 2009. Other social media platforms followed suit. Since, then #hashtags have become the quintessential markers of the digital age. So much so that people have started using hashtags while talking or writing to highlight a particular word or phrase.

As we sail through 2024, hashtags continue to dominate social platforms, serving as beacons that guide users through the vast sea of online content. Let us also tell you the most popular hashtags to follow in 2024.

How Turmeric works in our bodies

Turmeric is a golden-hued spice native to India and Southeast Asia. It is called “Haldi” in Hindi and known as the “Golden Spice” in other cultures. True to its name “Golden Spice”, Turmeric has been revered for its medicinal properties for thousands of years in South Asia.
While most of us know about the benefits of Turmeric, we don’t know how turmeric works in our bodies. Here are the details of how it works and a lot more.

Top free generative AI tools

Generative AI is capable of revolutionizing industries. In art, it crafts unique visuals and music. In healthcare, it aids drug design by predicting molecular structures. For retail, it designs products or simulates fashion styles. In media, it generates scripts or visual effects. However, generative AI solutions are still expensive to use.

To help you, we are here with a list of top free generative AI tools that you may use.

Best Wordle tips and tricks

Wordle is a simple but engaging game that make players guess a five-letter word within six attempts. Even Josh Wardle, creator of Wordle wouldn’t have known that millions would love such a simple game. Despite simplicity, you need to use deduction, vocabulary knowledge, and pattern recognition to figure out the correct word within six attempts.

Would you like to know some of the best Wordle tips and tricks to win every time?

How X-Men actors look today

The X-Men saga, with its fantastic tales, etched unforgettable characters into our memories. While these mutant characters remain ageless on screen, time has touched their iconic portrayers. From Hugh Jackman’s ever-intense Wolverine to Sir Patrick Stewart’s wise Professor Xavier, while the mutants stand timelessly in our consciousness, the actors have gracefully matured.

Let’s have a look at how X-Men Actors look today.

Tiktok vs other social networks

The digital landscape is buzzing with a plethora of social media platforms, but TikTok has unmistakably been at the vanguard. Such is the impact of TikTok that we can divide the era of social media into 2 parts i.e., pre and post-TikTok. So the billion-dollar question is: Why is TikTok more popular than other social apps?

The answer possibly lies in small details. Let’s try to decode the magic behind TikTok’s domination.