Call Of Duty Multiplayer Settings and Tips From the Best Players

Call Of Duty Multiplayer Settings and Tips From the Best Players

Similar to when you enter a race, playing Call of Duty multiplayer means getting into a zone where split-second decisions mean a lot. Complicating things, one can always dream of going to a workshop from which they would receive direct advice from professionals. From tweaking your controls to understanding professional tricks, these tips are like blueprints that navigate you toward a win. Well, to find that let’s look at what professionals have to say, and maybe we can find the tricks and tips that help them become the best in the Call of Duty multiplayer.

Tyler ‘Abezy’ Pharris

Source: Liquipedia

Number of Followers: 15.6K

Tyler Pharris “aBeZy is an outstanding player in professional Call of Duty esports. Winning thousands of dollars, medals, and trophies, his main achievements are multiple victories in tournaments, such as the 2019 CWL Pro League Playoffs and the CWL Finals with FaZe Clan. Inely, thanks to the dynamic play, high accuracy, speed, and a wide range of moves aBeZy has gotten one of the game leaders reputation.

  • Tip from Tyler ‘Abezy’ Pharris: To remove the noise of enemies in the PvP, make changes to the audio settings in the option because, in the game, there is a lot of music, so reduce the volume of gameplay music, dialogue, cinematic music and increase the volume of the effects. This makes the enemy’s footsteps louder in order to help the player notice them and know what they are doing. Finally, to achieve a more professional look and feel, try playing with the audio mix settings. To do this, players could spend time testing different settings in a private lobby that should enable them to differentiate between which one makes enemy footsteps louder. For a large number of users, ‘PC Speaker’ will be optimal, yet this can greatly depend on the separate audio output where you are currently listening.

Mcarthur ‘cellium’ Jovel

Number of Followers: 10K

Cellium McArthur Jovel, commonly known as Cellium, is a modern warfare player and streamer. Thus, having spent a lot of time in Atlanta FaZe, he had an opportunity to participate in many tournaments: Call of Duty League (CDL) and Call of Duty World League (CWL). Capable of making the right decision and stepping up when the need arises to be at his best for the team Cellium is a giant in professional gaming.

  • Tips from Mcarthur ‘cellium’ Jovel: To get weapons and equipment through the Armory in Modern Warfare 3 you need to get on that particular day with specific requirements of the item. But, unfortunately, with Zombies mode one can get the account of the other player with the possibilities in the game surpassing the bad guys. To get a particular gear in Zombies mode, you have to first find it…then ex-filtrate with it… Throughout all the two games, remain alert at all time; this is equally important in Zombies mode as it is in other types of gameplay. This method provides you with an opportunity to gain access to the item indefinitely without having to complete typical tasks. For instance, when a player searches for or picks up the HOGAR 26 light machine gun in addition to zombies mode, a player will get to use it in standard four modes. If implemented for the equipment page which lists items such as camcorders, this strategy may be effective.

Chris ‘simp’ Lehr

Source: The Game Haus

Number of Followers: 59.6K

Chris “Simp” Lehr is indeed a popular person for those, who follow professional Call of Duty eSports, for example. Atlanta FaZe team, is a professional gamer who has achieved numerous Milestone successes in his career such as; Call of Duty League (CDL) and Call of Duty World League (CWL) championships. Simp’s abilities are widely recognized as a talent that puts him in the league of some of the best competitive game players there are in today’s market.

  • Tips from Chris ‘simp’ Lehr: The fastest way to level up in this game is by playing Zombies mode. Begin by picking your weapon of choice and engaging finishers nearby as they grant simple XP. When the extraction chopper arrives, do not hurry to get on the chopper and, instead, continue to farm the spawning zombies. After that, just leave it then dial and say come back and do it, again. This is especially efficient for gaining XP since those zones are filled with enemies who will attack you on sight. To receive double the XP rewards, use a weapon token before firing the first shot in battle.

Alec Sanderson

Source: ESPN India

Number of Followers: 10K

Alec Sanderson plays Call of Duty professionally and is well-regarded in this field. He gained his fame because of his competitive skill, and adaptability, which enabled him to play for several top teams like Atlanta FaZe and Chicago Huntsmen. Over the course of a year and a half, Arcitys earned multiple tournament wins and awards, making him one of the best and well-known players in the CoD esports space.

  • Tips from Alec Sanderson: Tokens in modern warfare can be used to increase the amount of XP increase for your rank, weapon level, and battle pass. The mentioned tokens are available under the multiplayer menu below the daily challenges, whereas in Zombies mode they can be found on the opposite side of the screen. Tokens have a fixed time limit, and only by performing missions within the game or through redemption in real-life promotions like Burger King or Monster Energy. Using these tokens effectively can actually help to greatly increase the speed at which you progress into the game.

Preston “Priestahh” Greiner

Source: Liquipedia

Number of Followers: 50.7k

Preston “Priestahh” Greineris is an experienced and high-ranked Call of Duty player. He has played for many top teams including FaZe Clan and Los Angeles Thieves to name a few, and has many title wins and achievements to his portfolio. The 24-year-old player is known for high adaptability and getting the chance to shine in crucial moments of the match, Priestahh can be considered one of the top-tier CoD competitors.

  • Tips from Preston “Priestahh” Greiner: In the game of Modern Warfare 3 some of the weapons, in the loadout menu, come with a fire icon and they are referred to as “recommended weapons.” This tag has got something to do with weekly challenges that call on a player to get kills with the recommended weapons. Finding these challenges can be easily done since there are instructions guiding the users; in the launcher select challenges then weekly. In addition to that, these challenges give you a lot of XP boosts, which means that using the recommended weapons as mentioned in the list will be beneficial.

Ian “Crimsix” Porter

Number of Followers: 605k

Preston Greineris is an excellent tactician and one of the top players in Call of Duty. Notably, he has been associated with several top-tier teams such as FaZe Clan and Los Angeles Thieves among others, possessing numerous title wins and achievements to his credit. With high adaptability, and experience in getting the opportunity to perform in the crunch moments of the game, Priestahh can be named one of the best CoD players of her generation – the girl is 24 years old.

  • Tips from Ian “Crimsix” Porter: In Modern Warfare 3, it only takes slightly longer to shift to your secondary gun than to reload your principal gun in combat. This is useful when one finds themselves running low on bullets while in a battle or combating a competitor in a game. Do not waste time in reloading; instead, switch to your second weapon, which could be a pistol in the course of overpowering the enemy. This is a very helpful move that helps you avoid being exposed while reloading your guns.

Call of Duty multiplayer is not all about shooting but rather one needs prowess, thinking, and flexibility. To achieve this, we need to incorporate lessons from some of the best players and rehearse until we achieve better performances. Get ready for an exciting adventure! For more such posts please visit our Gaming section.