How to get free Fortnite skins in March 2024?

How to get free Fortnite skins in March 2024?

Looking for free Fortnite skins? Here’s a list of outfit freebies and a few free cosmetics available in Chapter 5 Season 1 as of March 2024. While Fortnite is famous for its crossover skins, like Wonder Woman or Ahsoka Tano, they can be costly. Free skins are rare, but free cosmetics like gliders and back blings are more common. Keep an eye out for opportunities to snag them without spending your hard-earned V-Bucks or cash.

Are there any free skins in Fortnite? (March 2024)

Fortnite offers four free skins for players to redeem in Chapter 5 Season 1: Explorer Emilie, Trailblazer Tai, Jackie, and Subzero Cryptic. These outfits are available at no cost, allowing players to customize their characters without spending any money.

Free SkinHow to claim
Explorer Emilie outfitLink your LEGO and Fortnite accounts.
Trailblazer Tai outfitComplete LEGO Fortnite Quests
Jackie outfitComplete a Try Rocket Racing! Quest
Subzero Cryptic outfitPlayStation Plus subscription

Explorer Emilie and Trailblazer Tai teamed up with LEGO Fortnite in Chapter 5. To acquire the Explorer Emilie skin, sign up for LEGO Insiders and link it to your Epic account used for Fortnite. Alternatively, complete four simple quests in LEGO Fortnite to obtain Trailblazer Tai for free.

The Jackie skin was introduced for free alongside Rocket Racing, another new mode in Chapter 5. Obtain the racing outfit at no cost by completing a specific Try Rocket Racing! Quest in the game.

PlayStation has once again partnered with Fortnite, offering the free Subzero Cryptic outfit and related cosmetics. To acquire the skin and bundle, you must have a PlayStation Plus subscription.

Are there any free cosmetics in Fortnite? (March 2024)

Source: PCGamesN
Free CosmeticHow to Claim
The Great Peely Rescue Loading ScreenComplete all Takedown Quests (8)
Exotic Prized Llama Back BlingComplete all Exotic Survivor Medal Quests (10)
Drift Smoke Trail with alternative stylesComplete “Season Zero Tune Up” quest in Rocket Racing
Dieselback Pack Back BlingPlay 10 Rocket Racing matches
Crab Walkin’ EmoteCollect 5 Wristbands in Fortnite Festival
Fiery Fog AuraCollect 12 Wristbands in Fortnite Festival
Orchestrina KeytarCollect 15 Wristbands in Fortnite Festival
Ranking BackblingRaise your rank in ranked modes
High Society Ranked Umbrella GliderScore 75 points in the Ranked Cup for the season
Society Emblem Ranked Back BlingSurvive Storm Circles in Ranked Matches (11)
Banner IconSurvive Storm Circles in Ranked Matches (22)
Combat Giller SpraySurvive Storm Circles in Ranked Matches (33)
Biohazard EmoticonSurvive Storm Circles in Ranked Matches (44)
B.R.U.T.E Competitor SpraySurvive Storm Circles in Ranked Matches (55)
Hit The Bullseye EmoticonSurvive Storm Circles in Ranked Matches (66)
Unstoppable Alias SpraySurvive Storm Circles in Ranked Matches (77)
#1 Trophy EmoticonSurvive Storm Circles in Ranked Matches (88)
Undefeated Terra SpraySurvive Storm Circles in Ranked Matches (99)
The Iconoclast PickaxeComplete Ranked Quests (9)
Grim Emblem Back BlingCollect Mosaic Tiles (300)
Odyssey’s Origin Loading ScreenComplete The Mosaic (1)

How to get free skins in Fortnite?

Source: GameLeap

There are several methods to obtain free skins in Fortnite, albeit requiring effort:

  1. Completing in-game events: Event-specific challenges, like opening presents during Winterfest, offer free skins and cosmetics. Save the World mode also provides opportunities for free rewards, including skins, V-Bucks, or other Fortnite items.
  2. Competing in tournaments: Epic Games hosts themed tournaments featuring crossover characters like Beast Boy or The Flash, and ICON Series skins for streamers like Chica. Top-ranking players can earn the skin for free before its shop release.
  3. Obtaining codes for free skins: Rarely, codes for free skins are available, often through social media giveaways. Beware of online scams when searching for free codes.

Acquiring free skins in Fortnite demands effort, whether through event completion, tournament participation, or rare code giveaways. While challenges and tournaments offer avenues for obtaining skins, caution is warranted with online code searches due to potential scams. Players must navigate these options wisely to secure coveted Fortnite skins. For more such posts please visit our Gaming section.