Play Persona 3 Before It’s Gone from Xbox Game Pass

Play Persona 3 Before It's Gone from Xbox Game Pass

Calling all Persona fans! Persona 3 Reload, a modernized take on the revered 2006 RPG, arrives February 2nd. While this remake breathes new life into the classic, it omits specific features found in Persona 3 Portable and FES editions. For a limited time, delve into Persona 3 Portable on Xbox and PC Game Pass (until January 14th). This version boasts a compelling addition missing from the upcoming remake. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience a key aspect of the original before it departs Game Pass. Then, dive into Persona 3 Reload on February 2nd for a refreshed journey through this cherished RPG.

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According to a recent interview, the developer of Persona 3 Portable emphasized the unique feature of the female protagonist option not seen elsewhere in the series. He said “We recognize the unique appeal of Persona 3 Portable’s female protagonist option, which hasn’t been repeated in the series. It’s unfortunate that Persona 3 Reload, launching next month, won’t include this choice, which may disappoint longtime fans. Those waiting for Persona 3 Reload will miss out on the distinct perspective of the Persona 3 story through a female hero. Game Pass subscribers have until January 14 to add Persona 3 Portable and explore this alternative route, though completing it in 11 days remains a challenge.”

Persona 3 Reload’s exclusion of the female protagonist route and “The Answer” epilogue sparks debate. The charismatic female protagonist, a beloved addition in Persona 3 Portable, is absent in Reload. Additionally, “The Answer,” the divisive yet lore-enriching epilogue from FES, remains exclusive to PS2 and PS3 via PlayStation Network. While some found “The Answer” challenging, it provided closure to the original story and allowed control of Aigis. Franchise veterans yearning for these aspects may feel limited, as they’re currently unavailable on modern platforms outside of PlayStation Network access for PS2 and PS3 owners.

Persona 3 Reload’s omission of the female protagonist route and post-game epilogue may disappoint fans. While these exclusions limit the remake’s content, the original versions on PS2 and PS3 remain the only way to experience certain aspects. The anticipation for the remake is tempered by the absence of these beloved features for dedicated Persona enthusiasts. For more such posts please visit our Technology section.