Revealed: Indiana Jones’ New Timeline Order for the Great Circle Game

Revealed: Indiana Jones' New Timeline Order for the Great Circle Game

Fans are excited about “Indiana Jones and the Great Circle,” a new game only for Xbox Series X/S, coming out this year. We don’t know much about the story yet, but one important thing is clear: the game happens between two Indiana Jones movies. This news helps fans understand when the game’s events fit into the bigger Indiana Jones story. As we wait for more details, fans are getting ready for an exciting adventure with Indiana Jones in this new game.

The new Indiana Jones Game Timeline Confirmed

Bethesda, Machine Games, and Lucasfilm Games revealed exciting news about putting “Indiana Jones and the Great Circle” in the franchise’s timeline in a recent developer video The game is effectively set in the events of ” Raiders of the Lost Ark” and “The Last Crusade.” This revelation gives fans a unique narrative window, bridging the famed archaeologist’s adventures between the two classic films about the beloved Indiana Jones story In this simple setting, players can look forward to a thrilling journey that explores untold stories and expands the rich canvas of the Indiana Jones universe

What Does This Period Mean for Indy?

Source: IGN

Bethesda didn’t give the exact year for “Indiana Jones and the Great Circle,” but it’s set between “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and “The Last Crusade,” likely in 1937. “Raiders” happened in 1936 when Indy was 37, and “Last Crusade” is set in 1938, though released eight years later.

In the story, Dr. Jones is teaching at Marshall College in Connecticut, and after “Raiders,” he’s already tried to fix things with Marion Ravenwood. In “Great Circle,” Indy’s away from reconciling with his dad (as in “Last Crusade”) and far from “Dial of Destiny,” set in 1969.

The game offers a glimpse into Indy’s life between the movies, exploring his adventures and challenges during this time. It’s a chance for players to dive deeper into the Indiana Jones universe, experiencing untold stories and mysteries. As fans await its release, the game promises an immersive journey through the iconic archaeologist’s world, filled with intrigue, danger, and discovery.

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