Tips to Win Free Resources and Gold in Clash of Kings

Tips to Win Free Resources and Gold in Clash of Kings

Clash of Kings is one of the popular Android and iPhone games, and I can bet many of you struggled to create your kingdom and win battles using gems only. This is your secret weapon – the ultimate guide to the best tips for winning free resources and gold coins in Clash of Kings. Read on to find out how you can manage to accumulate thousands of free gold and resources such as food, wood, and iron. Scratch that – these tricks will have your castle bustling with treasures in no time, much less than how it takes a dragon to hoard gold! Prepare yourself to create an invincible military and be the one with the best army in the kingdom all while having only a few coins in your pocket.

Complete Daily Tasks and Events

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It goes without saying that daily tasks and events in the game are effective at accumulating free resources and gold. These aims are set to be rather simple, which means that they should be manageable on a daily basis for the sake of maintaining frequent game-playing. Some of the normal activities that a player might engage in on a daily basis include enhancing structures, training the army, or resource collection. Special events on the other hand are much more diverse, they range from the small and petty such as the festive season event to a big and tangible event such as the special challenge event. Sometimes they provide greater opportunities for a consumer to be rewarded for his/her involvement and the final position. Watch the event calendar and plan you’re in-game actions related to it to have a better chance of obtaining more gains.

Join an Active Alliance

Stating, that you should join an active alliance in order to achieve success in Clash of Kings is quite obvious. Alliances bring about many advantages for instance resources to share, it increases the combined attack and defense. When you’re in an alliance, you get bonuses as gifts known as resource gifts in as much as the other members are buying. First of all, many partnerships are also involved in the events that bring that much revenue. Active alliances also provide coverage and assistance compared to static alliances, where a player can lose resources to enemy attacks. Participating in alliance talks and undertaking all the alliance exercises helps improve teamwork and confirm whether one has benefited from all the activities aided by the alliance.

Participate in Kingdom Events

As has already been mentioned, kingdom events are engaging and provide players with the opportunity to gain valuable resources and considerable amounts of gold. To achieve certain goals players have to complete a number of tasks, for instance, constructing buildings, researching something, or fighting with other members of the game. Achieving well in these events shall automate and provide rewards and in addition, strengthen your kingdom’s image. Kingdom events are presented on a continuous basis, which means that reading through the list is useful to prepare for the Kingdom events in advance and to be receptive to the events that are most likely to fit you best. These are fun and serve to keep the game interesting; moreover, organizations offer numerous opportunities to replenish stocks.

Collect from Resource Tiles

Resource tiles are invariably found throughout the map as a reliable source of all the basic items/ materials such as wood, food, iron, and mithril. Building and upgrading structures require resources and therefore sending your troops to gather from these tiles ensures a continuous flow of stone, gold, and food among others is achieved. For all these three minerals, it can be seen that the higher level of the resource tile gives more opportunities to gather resources. However, other people may have to be wary as they will have to focus their aim on the troops that you have gathered. Aim to collect from safe, predictable, lower-value pave tiles and occasionally take a chance to get more valuable pave tiles to obtain the most resources possible.

Complete Quests

The most important aspect that can be observed when it comes to quests in Clash of Kings is that they are intended to provide players with a guided experience through the different aspects of the game and provide them with rewards when they complete them. These quests start from a simple level such as altering a building to other level missions such as fighting and negotiating. This means that in order to advance in a kingdom’s development, you won’t just get simple resources and gold after the completion of the quests. Always check your quest log and complete assignments that give you greater rewards than others. This means that your game progressively builds up collections of useful items or brings you closer to the general game plan.

Use Resource Packs


Resource packs can be earned as a reward for the completion of achievements, occasions, and missions, and are automatically stored in your pack. Aside from its services, it offers packs comprised of many resources that will be of help when need be, for instance during an upgrade or attack. It is advisable to preserve these packs for emergencies so that way, one does not run out of the resources to complete a Game. Resource packs are replenished as and when they are used; through efficient use of these packs, you can be sure that you have backup supplies; hence in the event of unexpected setbacks in your kingdom, you are likely to bounce back easily without significant setbacks.

Attack Monsters

However, it’s important to note that there are many different types of monsters that are regular on the map and they are a perfect source of items. Here are some of the benefits one acquires from beating monsters; apart from getting drops, one gets experience points and at times gold. The monster’s strength differs and therefore, the troops should be properly leveled to effectively defeat monsters. Intermittent attacks on the monsters ensure that you have a strong and experienced army constantly and at the same time replenishing the stockpiles. This includes getting prepared for monster events, where hunting monsters usually rewards the player with more rewards and artifacts.

Log in Daily

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Daily log-in bonuses are a versatile way to build up on the reserves and gold over the course of the day. The daily login feature usually ratchets up the rewards of the subsequent days, therefore pushing players to be active on successive days. A clear example is the rewards that players can get from the game these can be as simple as resources or even limited items or gold. Make it a habit to log in every day, or even daily if you don’t have time to play to be sure, that you receive such an incremental bonus. The practice enables sufficient stock replenishment therefore ensuring that there is adequate and constant supply of resources throughout the period without necessarily having to exert much energy.

Explore the Dragon Campaign

The Dragon Campaign is a competitive event where the alliances can engage in epic combats, and whatever. Now that you know the details of the Dragon Campaign, you should know that it also provides many notable benefits such as resources, gold, and prestige. Conquests during the battles and good operations throughout the campaign can increase the four categories of resources and gold. Make a broad briefing of evasive tactics, rehearsal of forces and fortifications, and enhancement of guard and offense. The Dragon Campaign not only rewards individual players’ in-game fortune but also helps build partnerships and even improves every aspect of the battle within your alliance.

Watch Ads

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Viewing advertisements is easy and does not take much time, which will allow you to receive CASH and GOLD for FREE in Clash of Kings. Some mobile games that I have played such as Clash of Kings reward players with coins to top up their accounts or more power points when they watch shorter adverts. They can typically be found in the game settings menu, or any area where resources can be collected. The earnings it produces might be smaller than those of other earning schemes, yet they serve to build up over time and entail little effort. Do not miss out on this aspect in any way because it can help you expand your resources without needing to undertake more exhaustive work.

Winning free resources and gold in Clash of Kings requires strategic participation in events, alliances, and daily activities. Consistently complete tasks, quests, and gather resources, while leveraging ads and special events. Stay active, plan wisely, and collaborate with your alliance to maximize your in-game rewards and growth. Get ready for an exciting adventure! For more such posts please visit our Gaming section.