What are the Vaulted Items That Fortnite Players are Requesting To Return

What are the Vaulted Items That Fortnite Players are Requesting To Return

Some Fortnite gamers believe Epic Games should bring back Med-Mist and Chug Splash, two of the game’s healing items. Fortnite offers a variety of things that are often added to and withdrawn from the game’s inventory. With these adjustments, Fortnite shakes the meta by opening up new play options and engaging the community by introducing new items or returning fan favorites.

What are the Vaulted Items That Fortnite Players Are Requesting To Return?

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Consumables are one kind of Fortnite item included in the rotation; as the name implies, these items run out once players use them. The consumable goods in Fortnite are essential for players to live until the very end of a match. They are meant to boost a player’s health, provide a shield, or provide a brief buff. Foraged goods like apples and bananas serve the same purpose as the Small Fry, a fish that was introduced in Fortnite Chapter 5 and recovers a portion of the player’s health. Many goods have come and gone from Fortnite throughout the seasons and chapters, but players believe Epic Games ought to bring back two items for the battle royale.

The deletion of Med-Mist and Chug Splash in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 infuriated Reddit user Nateandco. The elimination of the two items is attributed by the player to the healing adjustments made possible by Fortnite Chapter 5, which let users use bandages, shields, or medkits to heal themselves while moving. However, the OP wasn’t the only player who lamented the disappearance of the healing item; other players also voiced their disappointment at the Med-Mist’s demise.

Fortnite Players Debat the Consumables They Miss Most

The Med-Mist was a new item in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, and many people said that they missed it too. Some even suggested that it should be a permanent healing item. Although Fortnite players can use a Medkit to recover while on the go, they must walk, as clarified by another Redditor. Contrarily, the Med-Mist enables healing while moving, which would be a useful addition for Chapter 5 Season 3, which included new features like vehicle upgrades and Nitro to speed up matches.

While the community is saddened by the item’s disappearance, there may be good news in store for those who used Med-Mist to heal themselves and their allies. The Med-Mist is one of the things that may soon make a comeback, according to a Fortnite leak. Players patiently await the next battle royale update to see if the Med-Mist will be added again, as Epic Games frequently modifies the availability of Fortnite items.

Fortnite’s dynamic item pool keeps the game fresh by rotating consumables and other items. Players particularly miss Med-Mist and Chug Splash, two healing items they believe should return. These items enhance gameplay by providing crucial health and shield boosts, essential for surviving until the final moments of a match. For more such posts please visit our Gaming section.