Where to Locate All NPC Characters in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1?

Where to Locate All NPC Characters in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1?

In Fortnite’s Battle Royale, you’ll encounter various NPCs in Chapter 5 Season 1, each with their own advantages. These characters offer services like exchanging items for weapons or even joining your team in battles. Visiting them is essential for completing quests and earning XP throughout the season. Take time to learn the locations of these NPCs to maximize your chances of victory. In the current season, there are fewer NPCs compared to recent ones, making encounters less frequent. From classic to Battle Pass originals, here are all the NPCs and where to find them in Fortnite.

Fortnite NPC character locations in Chapter 5 Season 1

Below is a complete list of every NPC character and their locations in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 so far:

1. Sun Tan SpecialistPatrolling the beach southwest of Pleasant Piazza and northwest of Snooty SteppesSun Tan Specialist NPC in Fortnite Chapter 5
2. Metal MouthWalking around a graveyard north of Reckless RailwaysMetal Mouth NPC in Fortnite Chapter 5
3. Vengeance JonesInside the main Underground HQ room located inside the railway tunnel, southeast of Pleasant Piazza and northeast of Snooty SteppesVengeance Jones NPC in Fortnite Chapter 5
4. HopeInside a hidden room in the railway tunnel northwest of Hazy HillsideHope NPC in Fortnite Chapter 5
5. Snow StrikerFound at a small camp on a mountainside slope south of Grand GlacierSnow Striker NPC in Fortnite Chapter 5
6. SteelsightOn the roof of the house at Rebel’s RoostSteelsight NPC in Fortnite Chapter 5
7. Contract GillerPatrolling the docks northwest of Classy CourtsContract Giller NPC in Fortnite Chapter 5
8. Mecha Team ShadowAt the railway station northeast across the river from Pleasant PiazzaMecha Team Shadow NPC in Fortnite Chapter 5
9. LeelahAt Stormy Station which is just east of Hazy HillsideLeelah Fortnite NPC
10. BoxyAt the windmill located northeast of Ritzy Riviera.Fortnite Boxy NPC
11. Starr OakleyLocated south of Fencing FieldsFortnite NPC Starr Oakley
12. DaraAt the house located northeast of Fencing Fields on the other side of the river.Fortnite NPC Dara
13. Silas HeskHas now been moved to be at the top of air traffic control tower located on the beach far west of Snooty Steppes at the edge of the bottom left corner of the island.Fortnite NPC Silas Hesk
14. Solid SnakeAt the small island, directly north of Lavish Lair, at the very top of the map.Fortnite Solid Snake NPC in the game.
15. SnowheartAt the fishing hut next to the large pool of water, located southeast of Reckless Railways and southwest of Grand GlacierSnowheart NPC in Fortnite
16. Lana LlaneLana Llane is located outside the small wooden lodge, northeast of Lavish Lair on the other side of the road and southeast of Rebel’s Roost.Fortntie Lana Llane NPC
17. OdysseyOdyssey is located at Ruined Reels patrolling around the middle.Fortnite Odyssey NPC
18. SonarSonor is located outside of the factory, east of Classy Courts on the opposite side of the water.Fortnite Sonor NPC

Here are the current NPC characters and their locations in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1. The v28.30 update introduced three new NPCs: Lana Llane, Odyssey, and Sonor. Silas Hesk relocated from Ruined Reels to the beach at the bottom left of the island, replaced by Odyssey. Snowheart and Master Splinter joined in the mid-season v28.20 update, while Solid Snake and April O’Neil arrived in the previous v28.10 update. However, Splinter and April have been removed since then. For more such posts please visit our Gaming section.