GTA 6 Enthusiasts Should Pay Attention to The Precinct

GTA 6 Enthusiasts Should Pay Attention to The Precinct

Fans impatiently awaiting the release of Grand Theft Auto 6 may want to check out The Precinct, an upcoming game from developer Fallen Tree Games Ltd. As the search for new open-world criminal games continues with titles such as GTA 5 and Sleeping Dogs, The Precinct promises to provide a fresh perspective on the genre. Grand Theft Auto has a history of reinventing itself, moving from a top-down arcade approach to the more classic 3D sandbox game launched with GTA 3. Each game in the series has a different tone, gameplay, and style, introducing new places, parts of American culture, and unique characters. GTA 6 is expected to continue this progression, taking players back to the Miami-inspired Vice City. However, fans will have to wait until 2025 for the release. Meanwhile, 2024 provides an opportunity to explore The Precinct and satiate your thirst for criminal games.

The Precinct Looks Like Classic GTA Infused With L.A. Noire


Fans of L.A. Noire have eagerly awaited a sequel since the 2011 Rockstar game offered a unique setting, style, and advanced character animations. Despite its distinctive approach to crime storytelling, Rockstar has no immediate plans for a sequel, prioritizing the immensely popular GTA series. However, the absence of a sequel does not spell the end for the cop-simulation subgenre.

The Precinct: Old-School GTA From a Cop’s Point of View


Grand Theft Auto has always embodied rebellion against authority, a theme disrupted by L.A. Noire’s focus on law enforcement. The Precinct seems poised to continue this departure, casting players as Nick Cordell Jr., a novice police officer in Alverno, tackling organized crime.

Its striking isometric view offers a unique perspective, reminiscent of classic GTA titles and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars on the Nintendo DS. This visual style, while nostalgic, suggests a departure from the series’ traditional gameplay. The Precinct’s gameplay mechanics may draw inspiration from older GTA games, emphasizing intuitive controls and solid game-feel over realism. However, the law enforcement premise indicates a shift towards methodical, thoughtful gameplay, contrasting with the series’ trademark chaos.

The combination of a retro perspective with a focus on law enforcement could yield intriguing results. Players may navigate Alverno’s seedy underbelly with a sense of strategy and caution, blending the thrill of classic GTA with the calculated approach of a cop simulator. The Precinct’s potential lies in its ability to merge these contrasting elements into a cohesive and engaging gameplay experience, offering players a fresh take on the crime genre.

The Precinct Could Be an Interesting Companion Piece for GTA 6

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Comparing The Precinct to GTA 6 or any GTA game reveals stark differences in gameplay and themes. While GTA embodies freedom and chaos, The Precinct shifts focus to enforcing order and stability, offering a contrasting experience.

Ahead of GTA 6’s release, engaging with The Precinct presents an intriguing opportunity. Each game explores opposing sides of the same coin: GTA 6 delves into the world of criminals, while The Precinct draws inspiration from classic cop movies, as detailed on its Steam page.

Setting aside GTA 6 comparisons, The Precinct stands out on its own merits. The game boasts air and land vehicles, melee combat, gunplay, and a visually stunning urban environment. Players can immerse themselves in this gritty, neo-noir open-world when The Precinct launches in 2024.

The Precinct offers a refreshing departure from traditional GTA gameplay, focusing on law enforcement rather than criminal activity. Its unique premise, coupled with impressive features and visuals, promises an engaging experience for players seeking a new perspective on the crime genre. Anticipate its release in 2024. For more such posts please visit our Gaming section.