PS5 Beta Enhances DualSense Controller and Introduces Share Screen Features

PS5 Beta Enhances DualSense Controller and Introduces Share Screen Features

Sony is rolling out a new update for PlayStation 5. This update brings new features to the DualSense controller and improves other parts of the PS5 system. The PS5 beta program started in mid-2021, about six months after the console was released. It lets PS5 owners try out new features before they’re available to everyone. However, because it’s experimental, some things might not work perfectly.

Sony started inviting users to try out the latest beta update for its console on February 6. This update brings three new features. Firstly, it improves the audio for the PS5 DualSense controller. The maximum speaker volume has been increased, and the noise cancellation is now better. However, some users might feel that the default volume is too loud. Sony suggests adjusting the controller’s audio levels using the console’s control center for those users.

New PS5 Beta Features in February 2024

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The latest PlayStation 5 update brings several enhancements to the DualSense wireless controller’s built-in mic and speaker audio. It includes improvements to the controller speaker and enhanced noise-cancellation features. Additionally, the update introduces new Share Screen interactions, allowing players to use pointers and emoji reactions to engage with the host’s gameplay. Users can also adjust the brightness of the PS5 Power Indicator under Settings > System > Beep and Light > Brightness.

In a recent interview, a Sony spokesperson discussed the latest feature being tested in the PS5 beta program, stating, “Sony is currently testing another feature in the PS5 beta program, which involves Share Screen interactions. This feature allows users to interact with the host’s screen while watching them play a game. It supports emoji reactions and pointers, enabling users to engage with the gameplay. However, it’s important to note that this functionality is only available in the full-screen view and not in the Share Screen preview window.”

In this release, the third and final change allows users to adjust the brightness of the console’s power indicator. To do this, PS5 beta testers can go to the Settings menu, then select the System section, and choose the Beep and Light tab. At the bottom of the screen, they’ll find the option to switch between Dim, Medium, and Bright (Standard) brightness levels for the power indicator.

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Similar to the latest PS5 beta update, the February 2024 release is accessible only to testers in the United States, Canada, Japan, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. Interested users from these countries can register for the PS5 beta program on the PlayStation website. However, signing up doesn’t guarantee access. Sony sends out invites via email for each new beta release, and the number of invites is limited.

The latest PS5 beta update introduces new features like enhanced DualSense controller audio and Share Screen interactions. Users in select countries can register for the beta program on the PlayStation website. However, access isn’t guaranteed, as invites are limited and distributed by Sony via email for each release. For more such posts please visit our Tech section.