Top Tank Items for League of Legends Season 14

Top Tank Items for League of Legends Season 14

League of Legends is always updating and expanding with new items frequently being introduced. The game also continues to bring changes to champions, their abilities, and overall metas as observed in Season 14 of League of Legends. Many players are still not certain in choosing one of the best tank items in the game even with the start of the new season along with the new year. Here you will find a list with all the setup for the top tank items for League of Legends Season 14.

These items will make it very hard for your opponents to kill you. However, if your opponents have tank items then it would be equally difficult for you to kill your opponents no matter which tank champion you are using. Of course, this will not include all the new items entering League of Legenda Season 14.

Celestial Opposition

Top Tank Items for League of Legends Season 14
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At the top of the list is the support item. While this item has traditionally been exclusive to support roles it’s now a fit, for tank support champions due to its boost in health. In addition, to providing 200 health and seventy-five percent health regeneration this item also boasts a seventy-five percent base mana regeneration. Let’s not forget about the bonus of 5 gold every 10 seconds Those were the stats of the items.

The Celestial Opposition item also bestows Champions with the Blessing of the Mountain. This feature includes a shield that reduces damage by 40% and ranged damage by 25% lasting for 2 seconds after being hit by an enemy champion. Moreover, upon shield breakage, a shockwave is unleashed that slows enemies by 50% for 1.5 seconds. No need to fret about this aspect being a one-time deal as it resets after remaining undamaged for 15 seconds.

Tips from Faker: There is no need to fret about this aspect being a one-time deal as it resets after remaining undamaged for 15 seconds.

Solstice Sleigh

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Next up, we have the Solstice Sleigh, which many people consider to be the top choice when it comes to an alternative for Celestial Opposition. The basic stats for the Solstice Sleigh are exactly the same as its competitor, with 200 health, a health regeneration of 75%, and a base mana regeneration of 75%. But what really makes it stand out is the added ability called Going Sledding.

This ability is pretty awesome because whenever you slow down or immobilize an enemy champion. You not only restore a whopping 120 health for yourself, but you also grant a 90 movement speed boost for 4 seconds to the champion who has the item. Even a nearby ally with the lowest health also gets the boost. This means that they can either get away from danger or rush towards an enemy champion to finish them off.

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Tips from Caps: Caps recommends focusing on timing your crowd control abilities to disrupt key enemy plays. As a tank, your role isn’t just to absorb damage, but also to create opportunities for your team by controlling the battlefield. Positioning and timing can turn the tide of a fight, making sure your team has the upper hand.


Alright, folks, let’s talk about the final tank item that deserves a shoutout today: Bloodsong. Just like the other two items we mentioned earlier, this legendary piece packs a punch with its base stats. You’re looking at 200 health, a solid seventy-five percent health regeneration rate, and a nice seventy-five percent base mana regeneration rate.

But here’s where things get interesting. Bloodsong has a pretty awesome ability called Spellblade that can totally change the game. When you use an ability and follow it up with an attack, this bad boy enhances your attack with an extra 86 points of physical damage. And get this, if you’re attacking a champion, it also applies to Expose Weakness, making them take even more damage for a full 6 seconds!

You can see why Bloodsong is considered one of the top tank items for those engaged tanks. These tanks usually get in the thick of the action and throw some punches, helping their teammates take down targets faster. But hey, here’s the catch: not every tank champion is gonna make the best use of this particular item.

Tip from Doinb: Doinb suggests always prioritizing vision control when playing tanks. By securing vision around key areas, you can make informed decisions and initiate fights at the right moment. This helps protect your team from ambushes and allows you to engage effectively, maximizing your tank’s impact on the game.

Top tank items for League of Legends Season 14 enhance durability, crowd control, and team utility. Key items like Sunfire Aegis, Thornmail, and Gargoyle Stoneplate offer robust defense and damage mitigation. Proper itemization ensures tanks can absorb damage, initiate fights, and protect teammates, making them invaluable in every game. For more such posts please visit our Gaming section.