Top Valorant Agents for Every Map

Top Valorant Agents for Every Map

VALORANT, Riot Games’ tactical shooter, has many agents with numerous special moves and incredible cooperation. It also presents seven maps, and it contributes an extra tension factor, requiring players to apply their abilities to ensure their victory. If new players are joining, then they can decide which agents are suitable for which map, this might take time. Fortunately for you, we have a list of a few recommendations that might be useful for you. Here, we will guide you to the best agents on each map to ensure that you have the greatest time playing VALORANT and the finest results. This information will therefore improve your playing skills for the various maps by providing you with details on which map to use depending on the strengths of each agent.

Best Valorant agents on Ascent


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The current meta picks and bans in VALORANT also show that KAY/O is valuable on Ascent, with many players incorporating him into their comps in ranked play. This map is improved with a double initiator composition, while gatherer and fl ash can make aggressive plays for KAY/O. If you are used to playing with Phoenix, then the effectiveness of the character KAY/O can improve your team’s results. They are not like any other flash mechanics similar to counter strikes flash so you may have to get used to it.


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The newborn bounceable Recon Dart from Sova shines brightest on the narrow walls of Ascent. Since he is the best primary initiator for this map, putting him with KAY/O means that there will be easy handling of sites or taking over half of the map. During the practice matches for VCT, C0M Lee proved how viable Sova was on Ascent once more in 2023.


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Everyone knows that Omen is one of the most versatile characters in Ascent, thanks to his portable smokes, and the means to go near-sighting and teleporting. Omen is also a very good pick for Stardust as Astra but Dark cover, and teleportation to keep enemy-focused do a lot more impact and utility.


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The problem with ‘Lock Down’ Ascent’s B Site on defense involves using Killjoy’s Nanoswarms, or Alarm Bot, and placing Turret defensively. On A Site Anchor, there is no doubt that she is fluent in German engineering and that she can shine on almost every map because of it, but she performs her best on the B Site of Ascent.

Worst Valorant agents on Ascent


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Yoru is generally not popular because one can never be certain if he will perform well or disappoint the team. This is due to Ascent having a highly defensive focus on team cooperation while Yoru specializes in individuality. Similarly, he can detonate and/or blink into sites, but his team can often not capitalize on the situation. His Gatecrash ability has very few safe opportunities on Ascent, therefore, such character is less impactful in this map.


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KAY/O and Sova are better when it comes to initiating on Ascent than Skye. In patch 8 she got a nerf, also referred to as a decrease in power or strength of an object or character. 01, Skye’s Guiding Light is less powerful and does not have Re slandered and query capability as KAY/O and Sova. Furthermore, Ascent diminishes the efficiency of Skye’s Trailblazer to study long sightlines on the map.


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This kit is not as versatile and as large as it needs to be for Ascent as well. His smokes and walls are not mules adaptable for the constant swapping that occurs on this map. Additionally, Harbor showed the best results on Ascent in terms of win rate, in Episode Seven, Act Two, would be the lowest among them all. As such, it is suggested that there are superior agents available to win on Ascent if his ability set remains unchanged.

Best Valorant agents on Bind


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Raze is all about having a bomb-focused loadout, which is devastating in CSGO maps like Bind when the distances are closer during attack or defense. As she optimally uses her Blast Packs, Raze can gain great mobility, enter sites, and make space essential for herself and her team. As is often the case, every player can choose the duelist they like the most, but for Raze, Bind becomes her playground due to her versatility. Although Boombot and Satchels have been toned down significantly in Episode Seven, Bind is among a select number of maps that still let Raze thrive to the fullest.


As the founder of VALORANT Protocol Brimstone has many things to bring onto Bind – quick Sky Smokes, a Stim Beacon, a good throw range Molotov, and a colossal laser destruction. He can then be grouped with a Viper or Harbor that will complement him in his role as a double controller in the team or he can also be played singly as the smoker in charge of the team since he has three long-lasting smokes which should not be launched all at once.


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But Sage has Barrier Orb as her escape tool and, overall, there is little to no other defensive utility in the Open Beta heroes list. Her wall is great for Binding, so either the team can just Spike it or the other team can start pushing through narrow corridors on the map, and she can safely plant. Her Slow Orb can be linked with deterrent utilities such as Brimstone’s Incendiary or Raze’s Paint Shell grenade in order to inflict horrible harm or even a kill.

Worst Valorant agents on Bind


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Neon is not terrible on Bind, not optimal, but far from it, for that entry, the team deserves and needs, there are Raze, Jett, and even Reyna on the site. Bean’s set is bad for Bind’s abilities; there are numerous obstructions and narrow areas that make it difficult for her to maneuver, and this is a sign of death for Neon.


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Astra is considered theurge for the largest-brained characters only, and, no matter how large your brain is it is possible to get no value from her on Bind. If she is able to get value, then it is when placed perfectly and timed at the right time when the team needs information most, then the situation is hard that many players can derive more value to other any controller out there.

Best Valorant agents on IceBox


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Based on map changes, Viper is always a good pick for Icebox however now that almost all the areas of the map are more open, her wall and Poison Orb get a lot more utility. Her Toxic Screen is flexible and can span either the A or B site; thus, creating smaller segments of the zone for your team to reclaim easily. Further, both sites have great stuff to enable Viper to position her Snake Bites to block a spike plant or to slow down.


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Through most map selections of VALORANT, Jett stands out as the evident pick for the game’s duelist role, but none are more suitable as her than on Icebox. The one case where I found Jett incredibly powerful here is because she can take advantage of vertical spaces which no other agent can really do. Her speed also allows her to freely move through the stage, frequently crossing and closing gaps in record time in order to reach her opponents.


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Icebox has a few very narrow chokepoints that can only be avoided by utilizing verticality to get around them. But for agents who do not have updraft or teleport, proper placement of the radiance sage wall can eliminate a part of this map. Set a wall in mid, in the tunnel towards the kitchen, or a very narrow choke on A site to force your enemies to take another route.

Worst Valorant agents on IceBox


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Initiator agents seem to be problematic on Icebox because when would be attacking many structures cover the enemies from getting flashes. However, few bosses share as much of an issue with garnering value out of their band of creatures as Gekko does. The opponent can just avoid them and his ability to reach a safe zone in an attempt to collect his tool will also be a problem since it is also an important component of his combo set.


Neon really plays good duelist but on Lower South, Ice Box is a real nightmare for her due to small sites with many corners and a lot of constructions gathered around the plant territory. She can’t go chase the whole team on Icebox: it’s too much of a gamble and will more often than not result in her death. .

In VALORANT, selecting the right agent for each map is crucial for success. While some agents excel on specific maps due to their abilities and playstyles, others may struggle. Understanding each agent’s strengths and weaknesses on different maps can significantly enhance your gameplay and team strategy. For more such posts please visit our Gaming section.