Mastering the League of Legends Arena Mode

Mastering the League of Legends Arena Mode

Gamers may now test a brand-new game mode from Riot Games, and as could be expected, many competitive gamers are attempting to get as high as they can. The ranking system is a little different from what most people might be used to because it’s a limited-time game mode. The 2v2v2v2 arena game style offers five game options instead of the 10 broad tiers found in the Summoner’s Rift. Though you earn points for winning matches and lose them for losing matches, there is also no idea of promotion games. In terms of winning and losing, it’s not necessary to finish first to succeed.

How Many Ranks Are There in League of Legends Arena?

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As previously mentioned, League of Legends’ Arena mode has a time limit. As such, the overall ranks and the ranked system are very different from the standard Summoner’s Rift ranks you may be accustomed to To be more precise, there are only five ranks available in this game format as opposed to the ten types available in League of Legends’ other mode. Furthermore, players are not required to play any promotion games or have any divides between the levels. To move up to the next tier, just accumulate the necessary points, and presto—you’ll be in a higher tier. Right now, in League of Legends Arena, the only rankings you can pursue are

RankRanked Points
Wood0 to 1,399 Ranked Points
Bronze1,400 to 2,599 Ranked Points
Silver2,600 to 3,199 Ranked Points
Gold3,200 to 3,799 Ranked Points
Gladiator3,800 Ranked Points and above

Two of these ranks, as you can see, are the same as those in other game types. On the other hand, gladiator and wood are two whole new ranks. Of course, using these top League of Legends arena mode combos is the best method to advance to gladiator. These are the only ranks available in the League of Legends 2v2v2v2 arena game format at the moment. However, the Riot devs may introduce more to make reaching the top rank a little more challenging.

How Do You Rank Up in Arena Mode?

It makes sense that there would be a means for you to receive points or lose them. Simply said, ranked arena games function similarly to other game modes in that winning earns you points while losing ones incur certain penalties.

There is one HUGE distinction between this game mode and all the others. You see, it’s a little different than needing to win every single match to get points. It is considered a victory if you place first or second. This means that every arena encounter will always have two winners and two losers. As a result, placing first or second will gain you points, but placing third or fourth will cost you points.

Riot included this to help level the playing field a bit for gamers. After all, if the winning team was the only one that received points, it would be exceedingly hard to go up the ranks because there would be a 75% probability that you would lose points every time On the other hand, there is a 50% chance of winning every match if there are two teams deemed the winners. Along with that, there’s a 50% possibility that you’ll earn points to advance through the rankings every time.

Are there rewards for high ranks in League Arena?

Perhaps you’re thinking about what the benefits of rising to the top might be. After all, because it takes a significant amount of work, devotion, skill, and time in particular, players need to be motivated to desire to advance to higher rankings.

Consider the Summoner’s Rift game mode. It stands to reason that players in Arena mode will gain access to skins, season-long badges, and loot boxes as rewards for their achievements in reaching high ranks. The problem is that Riot’s upper management has not disclosed what rewards players who advance to the top levels of the 2v2v2v2 game mode would receive. As a result, at the moment, the only benefits of rising in rank are the ability to brag and the visibility of your username high on the leaderboard.

That being said, given how well-received this game mode has been, we very much anticipate that high ranks will come with some significant incentives. The incentives won’t be made public for a few months, so make sure you stick around to be the first to find out. For more such posts please visit our Gaming section.